DeekFit Sprint supports Windows Phone 8!

Are you excited for Windows Phone 8? So is DeekFit! With the release of DeekFit Sprint 1.3, Windows Phone 8 is now fully supported. Among the new, WP8-only features:

  • True background GPS tracking – Take a phone call, change your playlist, read an email….your workout keeps tracking! DeekFit Sprint 1.3 utilizes WP8’s background tracking feature to keep the app running and tracking your every move.
  • Lock screen output – Hate having to unlock your phone to see your workout details, especially if you have a PIN code? No longer a problem with lock screen output. See the details of your current workout, right on your lock screen as you go.
  • Mile / Lap voice notifications – Using WP8’s new text-to-speech technology, you can now get vocal updates of your progress.
  • New tile sizes – All three tile sizes are supported, including an expanded live tile in wide mode with even more information

Available now for Windows Phone 8!! This is the first full-featured cardio app for Windows Phone that supports true background GPS tracking, so check it out!