DeekFit Gym 3.9 Released

DeekFit Gym 3.9 has been released and published to the Windows Phone marketplace! If you haven’t received an update notification yet, you will soon.

Changed in this update:

  • New long list selector for exercises
  • More built-in exercises
  • Can now add new exercises directly from routine builder
  • Re-order routines without deleting exercises
  • Can now change set timer from free workout mode
  • Ability to pin free workout mode to start screen
  • New speed/pace stats for cardio exercises
  • New ‘secondary stat’ chart on stats page
  • Timer mode remembers last setting
  • Timer delay configurable from within timer mode
  • Use stopwatch time for free workout entry
  • Bug fixes

If you have any questions is issues, please post in the forum or email me at Thanks!

DeekFit Gym 3.8 released!

DeekFit Gym version 3.8 has been released! This version has some bug fixes, usability improvements, and big improvements to sync performance for the Pro version! As of this writing (11/20) DeekFit Gym Pro has been certified and should be available to you now. Still waiting for certification for the free version, but it shouldn’t be long.

Full changelist:

  • (pro only) Performance while syncing with drastically improved.
  • You can now edit and delete custom exercises, as well as enter descriptions.
  • Switch between Metric/US units for each entry.
  • Select past dates for new entries/notes.
  • Reps/weight entries no longer automatically clear after entry.
  • Fixed a few bugs that were introduced by Mango.
  • UI improvements.

Update 11/21/2011 – Just got the email, DeekFit Gym (free version) has also been approved – you should get your update notification soon!