DeekFit Sprint supports Windows Phone 8!

Are you excited for Windows Phone 8? So is DeekFit! With the release of DeekFit Sprint 1.3, Windows Phone 8 is now fully supported. Among the new, WP8-only features:

  • True background GPS tracking – Take a phone call, change your playlist, read an email….your workout keeps tracking! DeekFit Sprint 1.3 utilizes WP8’s background tracking feature to keep the app running and tracking your every move.
  • Lock screen output – Hate having to unlock your phone to see your workout details, especially if you have a PIN code? No longer a problem with lock screen output. See the details of your current workout, right on your lock screen as you go.
  • Mile / Lap voice notifications – Using WP8’s new text-to-speech technology, you can now get vocal updates of your progress.
  • New tile sizes – All three tile sizes are supported, including an expanded live tile in wide mode with even more information

Available now for Windows Phone 8!! This is the first full-featured cardio app for Windows Phone that supports true background GPS tracking, so check it out!

Now Available – DeekFit Sprint!

DeekFit recently launched its latest Windows Phone application – DeekFit Sprint! DeekFit Sprint is a full-featured cardio tracking application for your phone. You can track your workouts, share them with friends, view them on, and sync your data with DeekFit Gym.

Additionally, have you ever wanted to time an interval? Maybe see how far you can bike in 20 minutes, or see how fast your 1/2 mile is? That can be a pain with phone applications – its hard to concentrate on exercise when you’re staring at your phone to see where the end is. Not a problem with DeekFit Sprint! Specify custom intervals, and DeekFit will track your run, whistling when you’ve reached your target.

Try it for free for your Windows Phone: